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Headquarters: An Thang Hamlet – An Lu Commune - Thuy Nguyen District - Hai Phong City
Tel: 031 387 4206 / 267 2087
Fax: 031 397 2245

Since its foundation, PNG always do our utmost to expand, develop and renew its fleet. PNG's current fleet is diverse, including bulk carriers, product tankers modern activities without restrictions on domestic and international routes.
      The main business activities of PNG is shipping. PNG is not only ship owners, ship managers and operators but also to engage in charter operations, agents, forwarders, ship sale, joint venture ...

      PNG provides crew forces sufficient capacity and experience for the owners of domestic and international. Besides, PNG also perform ship repair in areas with large international seaport of Vietnam and abroad. The staff, crew, workers repaired the PNG have been qualified to meet the requirements of customers in domestic and international.

      PNG has always focused supplement and update the Code of International Safety Management (ISM Code) and ISO 9001:2000 standards for office staff and crew.

      With a long history and commitment to customers, PNG is proud to be one of the leading shipping company in Vietnam, serving numerous domestic and foreign customers.

       PNG would like to thank sincerely
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