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According to the statistic of Vietnamese Marine Department, first 8 months of 2011, PSC at the Asia – Spacific Ocean ports took into custody 62 Vietnamese vessel for not reach standard of exhausted perfume, marine safety.
On 16th September, 2011, Vietnam Port Association (VPA) open the 2011 yearly conference with the attendance of representatives of 56 ports, the potential members, the government authority and other related association of shippin.
The shipping companies have been applying several new freight rates that make enterprises meet much difficulties Regarding the new charges, the petro additional fee (EBS) that apply since May for 20’ - container transport is usd 50, 40’ - container transport is double.
Many experts and the shipping transport enterprises think that Viet Nam need to consider thoroughly the participation in The International Shipping Transport Convention.
we would like to provide the vessel's schedule:
We are shipowner for below tnngs. Pls pps if you have any suitable bizs for our vessels
Mv Phuong Nam 68 (5100 dwcc) open yangon port 5-10 august 2011.
Mv Phuong Nam 68 (5100 dwcc) open BELAWAN port THE END JULY 2011.
Am 24/1/2011, in Hanoi, Vietnam Maritime Bureau has organized a conference to summarize in 2010, deploying mission in 2011. Minister of Transport Ho Nghia Dung attended and spoke steering. Also attended by Vice Minister Nguyen Hong Truong.
Promoting the achievements gained in 2010 and aims to complete the task of business in 2011, am February 8, 2011, all officers and employees of Southern Company has been flushes out Ceremony military and first met in 2011.
On occasion the new year in 2011, Phuong Nam Co., Ltd. would like to send customers home and abroad sincerely thank you for the trust and cooperation that customers have for our company over the past year.

Date 29-12-1010 PHUONG NAM Co. officially handed over PHUONG NAM 69 ship from stock trading companies and construction of Hai Phong.

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