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The old vessel can be arrested anytime
According to the statistic of Vietnamese Marine Department, first 8 months of 2011, PSC at the Asia – Spacific Ocean ports took into custody 62 Vietnamese vessel for not reach standard of exhausted perfume, marine safety. Only the Eastern Europe – North Atlantic authority arrested a Vietnamese vessel. The reason why almost vessels are arrested at the foreign ports is vessel’s age, out-of-date equipment belonging to the shipping company established in 1960s. Also, Vietnamese owners still lack knowledge of the international marine law.
The crews’ ability is liminted leading to the process mistake. The register department supplied the instructional document of vessel management quality enhancement in order to eliminate the shortcoming point that is easy to be arrested by PSC.The department recommend the foreign line vessel carry out the technical inspection, ensure marine security before berthing to the foreign port. If vessel is arrested, owner need to report to the Register Department to solve and overcome the shortcoming
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