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PHUONG NAM company has been actively developing field of agent multi-modal transport to exploit the strengths of knowledge, experience and relationships in the transportation market. Our company, staffed with trained professionals have basic experience of seasoned, always exploring the best ways to serve our customers.

Business Activities:
- Ship Agency: With experience from the fields of ship owners / ship management / operator of the vessel we have been operating very effectively work as agents for various forms of voyage, with liner ship and found a wide dang.Voi recognize that "time is golden" Our goal is always to ensure quick release of the ship simultaneously for maximum protection of customer interests.
- Service vessels: Provide services to ships such as fuel, supplies, spare parts and crew change ...
- Chartering Broker: The company has close relationships with major importers and exporters, traders, and brokers in Vietnam and abroad, we often have the Purchase order for the ship owner / ship operators and abroad.
- The forwarder road transport: We have close relationships with manufacturers container, ensuring the provision of services to customers in the form of transportation "door to door" around the globe with high quality and cost competition. As a provider of multi-modal transportation that we can transport to anywhere at the request of the customer.
- Provide system CY: Our company can contact and meet our customers the container yard is equipped with appropriate equipment to ensure improved provision of services, low, close unstuffing quickly, safely and efficiently.
- Inland Transportation: With a network of branches in all ports and major cities in Vietnam, we can provide service to customers of road transport, railway, waterway to all parts of Vietnam men. Our company has extensive experience in logistics, transportation projects, especially of super, super important.
- Provides customs procedures for import and export goods.
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