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inland transport
Inland transport is the entire transportation system of roads, rail, sea. With economic growth at present, the domestic shipping industry is becoming more important development. The domestic transport services have also become important and a matter of great concern for businesses.

        With long experience and a staff trained in providing professional services, domestic transportation, SOUTHERN company we are committed to giving businesses a best cooperation.

We provide domestic transportation service as follows:

- Road transport:

   Automatic loading

   Shipping freight, oversized goods, bulk commodities and goods quickly broken

   Special transportation of household goods and personal property

   Cargo transport moving through Vietnam

- Sea Freight:

   The company has partnerships with more than 22 port authorities in the country, in addition the company is cooperating with the shipping company reputation in the provinces of Hai Phong and Nam thanh.PHUONG sure to bring business professional services for sea transport with the best quality.

- Rail transport:

   Consolidation calendar

   Freight Resources

   LCL transportation

      As a business partner, our goal is to provide the best service and offer innovative solutions for transport in order to create favorable conditions for the supply of goods to your customers and potential benefits for businesses.
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